Thumko – Centigradz

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Thumko……  Thumko…..  Thumkooooo…..

Awo hasuur thumko..  Sitaro me le chalu... //

Unu kan thawara hadawatha kalamba wihanga wesin enne
Dura raktha dethol matha haadu thiyannata nakath balan inne
Sanin asin aga mathin koniththa numbawa aran yanne
Mana hangumak sarasa pawanak karala numbe lamadata ewwe

hmmm.. hmmmm hmm...
is right... oh Time is right... is right... . right...

Thumko……  Thumko…..  Thumkooooo…..
Awo hasuur thumko..  Sitaro me le chalu...  //

Baby if you gonna feel this down to the row
let’s get to the beat doll like a J.Lo
Your lips and eyes gonna
tell me something
When I speak the heart
don't get me wrong
I got a girl back at home
She's making me crazy
The dress you all dat
make making me amazing
Damn girl you are a one of a beauty
what you gonna
don't you make me crazy

You know it's time to go ma nigg* set to roar
We be under the covers till ya honey get parole.
Respect to my country Mr. is on  coming back to you let you know how this should be done..
Gurl you be zippin it, dippin it, I’ll be dressing ya bikini.
You better recon my values while we talking the ballet and that; Happen up in new Mexico and we be
drinking and drinking now baby back in

Awo hasuur thumko..  Sitaro me le chalu...  //


Unknown said...

Its amazing . I like that then and now

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