Dark Angel - Centigradz

Well.. c'mon I know u love me from ur deep inside
I know u gonna take care about myself right.
But u don't show me dat u are thinking of me
But baby I can read ur mind do u know dat?
Hey u always used to talk, it's about me and u and
about da stories too, em people walkin down da
steets used to call in me ya x-boyfriend told you to?
But I know the truth dat u are lovin me, but lady
I couldn't get your word till dis time Why u wanna hide?
U said dat da girls never show and tell their feelings
to the people outside. But now it's time,
to tell your feelings to me to show your love for me I
just wanna prove my love is true for you I wanna love
turn you. To give my heart to you and To leave my life
on you

I see there's an angel and I can't believe it
She wanna say she loves you baby
She wanna say you drive her crazy

When I get in to ya pants I’ll show you whoz da
mantz like cheating ya girl, she is loosing
all her shine. I got her legs up straight, on ma
roof top. She makes it hot with a ring on her
block rhythm in her belly is like div hot jenny.
Inside, it buns out with a spoon of jelly when
I rip it through like a big hurricane & they
Run with who ; ma dowgs represent !!
I don’t mind every damn thing we’ve done ….
Get it right …
Set it free and and put ya hands up.
Now I feel you like a soft breeze I can’t touch.
Killing time on rap sheet.. making it rough…
Another day in the sunset down my year
!@#$#$# in dat cadilac while you are here.
Baby not what you said or what you’ve heard…
Lets rap on da streets no time for her



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