Natamu - Centigradz

Ma thoughts lose ya in this game I’m glued to.
Undercover in ya town you do drugs…
I don’t respect ya… In your dreams do I hold ya ?
Killing me down in my soul like a soft tissue.
Up in dat smoke when I move on never gonna miss the pain ;
I take a week off…
Up on my feet I’m still breathing
Nothing has changed, Are you still feeling ?
I print ma veins baby on your face
You danced with me now are you gonna shut the faith ?
Wait…Hey you stay… “no waay”
You make me sick okay…
Cat loose…everybody dance in ma hood…
Its true they say…We do it all good
Wanna dance like old days you will feel good
Wanna test me all…da game is on dude…

Api natamu preethi weela , Sama ek wee gee gayala
Kimado thani weela , Sama ek wee dan natala….

Ma adare obata nohangavi nam, ma premi norandenna….
Ma hadavathema randa ridawanna…. Oba wenwa yanna….

Once again we ride those old days
You showed me love but it was so strange and plain…
Trying me out whether I keep it real up to date
Moved with me on da floor till we got late..
Now tell me why, you, left .. do I get you, in my games ?
She got me “killing me” eyes, I can’t feel it when she lies
What you gonna do when give you dat hug ?
May be you, will be the one with the wicked black heart..
Thus ma main man.. we got em all jumping
What you looking at pal, you, wanna say something ?
Ya bro! You, ..all simply gotta keep it rolling..
Aint been a day of fear.. heya what you, thinking ?
Blazing like sun girl, I kiss your black curls that when
I say that I like ya texture…
I keep it right when I play da ball game..
You danced with me and sold ma own game..



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